The Reliability of Your Solution Is As Important As The Reliability Of Your Resources.

It should go without saying that reliability is very important when it comes to selecting the right software tool to manage your projects and resources. It’s easy to see why having a reliable solution is as important as having reliable resources and it’s easy to select the right solution if you ask yourself and your […]

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So What Does Done Look Like?

In order to fully define and gain a complete understanding of what done looks like you will need to: Identify the required business mission critical skills. Identify the technical and operational requirements necessary for completing the project. Put together the plan, schedule work required for the delivery the product or service that will fulfill the […]

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The Four Measures Of Done.

As mentioned in the last post, the four measures of Done are Effectiveness, Performance, Technical Performance and Key Performance Parameters. Let’s look at each of these in greater detail. Effectiveness:┬áThis measure is critical to meeting the operational objectives in the project environment. They are focused of the skills necessary outside of any technical implementation. These […]

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The Importance Of Structure and Planning Prior To Tracking Time.

Establishing structure is very important before setting up tasks and tracking time spent on those tasks. By establishing an organized approach, structure and workflow before outlining what tasks need to be tracked, you can develop a much more organized and controlled system. Establishing goals within the project is the first step to understanding what and […]

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